Fortune Travel and Tours Ltd growth curve has constantly spiraled upwards and the company continues to progress steadily towards a promising future, both for clients and for the tourism industry.

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Airline Ticketing

Fortune Travel is a registered IATA member since 1997. We offer air tickets for all major airlines around the world both international and domestic. We can provide you with various flight options as per your preference.


From Safaris in Tanzania, Relaxing Zanzibar Beaches or International Locations, we perfectly plan everything for you. We offer travel packages to destinations everywhere in the world. We can carter your packages as per your preference.

Tour Packages

Pilgrimage Packages

Give us the opportunity to facilitate your spiritual journeys to all of the holy places around the world. It’s a deed for us to send others on this wonderful journey of peace and tranquility.


Visa Services

We assist and facilitate the process of obtaining Visa for our customers. A few that we give this assistance for are:

Dubai, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, India, Egypt and many more.

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